Penny Pyramid Project TM

The Penny Pyramid Project began as a result of one family
members heroic battle with Colorectal Cancer and one mans
mission to tell his story.  Marcelo Bezos, Founder of the Penny
Pyramid Project; “My father in laws Dad has been battling this
cancer for almost 12 years.  In November of last year his health
took a turn for the worst.   I wanted to do something big to show
this man that his strength, faith and will to live had touched many
of those who had met him, including me.  


The Penny Pyramid Project is currently working with local
educators in developing an annual student Penny Pyramid
Collection Drive.  This drive will entrust the distribution of funds
raised through a process of student driven, philanthropic round
tables.  This signature drive and process represents the core
mission of the Penny Pyramid Project.  This annual event will take
place during the months of November and December.  In addition
to this signature event, the Project has amended and created
another means of raising dollars for the founders original cause.  
As with the student philanthropy program, our Colorectal Cancer
Awareness drive will coincide with the nationally recognized
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month starting March 2007.  It will
also encourage the collection and donations of pennies in
addition to other conventional collection and online donation
methods (i.e. Checks, pledges, credit card).  This small shift will
allow the project to continue its signature penny collection theme
while allowing for other less bulkier monetary means in  
donations.  The Project will in turn donate this money to local and
national Colorectal Cancer Research and Awareness Programs.

A Word on the Penny Pyramid World Record Attempt

It had always been a childhood dream of Mr Bezos to break an
old penny pyramid record dating back to 1984 (104,000
pennies).   Mr Bezos, “What better way to continue to draw
attention to this devastating disease than to have a record that
others could build upon and also attempt to break!   Several
replicas of the Pyramid are being built and will be placed on tour
as part of the Projects signature fund raising events.  

Stay tuned on our progress by visiting us at www. also, check for our
future updates section on anticipated tour dates and sites.   

For more information e-mail
Cancer and the
Penny Pyramid

Colorectal Cancer is the
#2 cancer killer of men
and women in the U.S.
There are approximately
145,000 new cases of
colon cancer and 56,000
deaths in the US alone  
each year.  Just one
simple screening can
help prevent a lifetime of
pain and suffering.

It is the projects goal to
build momentum and
awareness on new
technologies such as
capsule endoscopy
PillcamTM), and all other
types of screening and
testing that can catch
this disease at a very
treatable stage.  Our
vision of "Collect, Build,
Donate" through  penny
collection drives will help
pave the way in getting
this word out.  This is
just one way we will be  
putting our smallest   
denomination to work!  

Along with the Penny
Pyramid World record  
attempt,  there will  be
other fun and interactive
events that you can
share in,... stay tuned!

Marcelo Bezos, Founder
Penny Pyramid Project

Are you a Penny

We have all suffered
from this affliction at
one point or another.  
The subconscious act
of simply dumping one
pennies into a jar or
other black hole type
containers!   In this site
you will find economic
reasons, constructive
fun, and charitable
options in ridding this
uncontrollable urge.   
The  "Penny Pyramid
Project" is also here to
promote and educate
that the penny
continues to be a very
important denomination
and that there are ways
to responsibly Collect,
Build, and Donate this
commonly hoarded coin.
Help Recycle The
Penny by organizing
your own Penny
collection drive !  

Stay tuned for tips
on how  to organize
and  promote your
own penny
collection drive.