Penny Pyramid Project and Rainbow Children’s
Academy to create the first annual Penny Pyramid
Collection Drive.

HIALEAH, Fl., April 7, 2006The Penny Pyramid Project and the
President of Rainbow Children’s Academy have announced a
collaboration and pilot program to establish what they hope will
the first of many annual Penny Pyramid Collection Drives for

It is estimated that in the State of Florida alone there are over

// 7,624,378
households with an average count of 500 pennies in each.  This
number represents over 3.8 billion coins or 38,000,000 dollars in
pennies that are out of circulation.  It is the projects goal to tap
into this hidden pool of coins as a financial resource to be used
towards community improvements and charitable donations.     

Elizabeth Bezos, President, Rainbow Children’s Academy, Hialeah,
Fl,. “We are very excited at the prospect of getting our youngest
minds involved and educated on the importance of community
involvement.”    It is our goal to have as many schools
participating in the Penny Pyramid Collection Drive in order to truly
make a financial impact in our community.”  

This year’s inaugurative theme will be used to communicate the
importance in Colorectal Cancer Awareness and the Screening
process.  Half of the proceeds raised during the drive will go to
benefit programs directly involved in colorectal cancer research
and awareness.  The remaining half will go towards other
charitable organizations in the immediate community that school
directors and educators along with the student vote will be able
to choose from and donate to.   

Marcelo Bezos, founder of the Penny Pyramid Project,  “Our Penny
Pyramid Collection Drive is based on a new and interactive
approach of “Collect, Build, Donate”TM.  This initial event will be
the first of many used to engage and introduce our young children
to the important subject of community involvement and the great
importance in supporting ongoing works of charity. The world
record attempt will provide the kind of “cut through the clutter”
focus that will help stimulate community awareness and

For more information on how to become a sponsor write

For more information on Rainbow Children’s Academy, call or write

Elizabeth Bezos
Rainbow Children’s Academy
(Official drop off site for pennies)
2720 West 1 Ave
Hialeah, Florida, 31010
Off# 305-885-8896
Cancer and the
Penny Pyramid

Colorectal Cancer is the
#2 cancer killer of men
and women in the U.S.
There are approximately
145,000 new cases of
colon cancer and 56,000
deaths in the US alone  
each year.  Just one
simple screening can
help prevent a lifetime of
pain and suffering.

It is the projects goal to
build momentum and
awareness on new
technologies such as
capsule endoscopy
PillcamTM), and all other
types of screening and
testing that can catch
this disease at a very
treatable stage.  Our
vision of "Collect, Build,
Donate" through  penny
collection drives will help
pave the way in getting
this word out.  This is
just one way we will be  
putting our smallest   
denomination to work!  

Along with the Penny
Pyramid World record  
attempt,  there will  be
other fun and interactive
events that you can
share in,... stay tuned!

Marcelo Bezos, Founder
Penny Pyramid Project

Are you a Penny

We have all suffered
from this affliction at
one point or another.  
The subconscious act
of simply dumping one
pennies into a jar or
other black hole type
containers!   In this site
you will find economic
reasons, constructive
fun, and charitable
options in ridding this
uncontrollable urge.   
The  "Penny Pyramid
Project" is also here to
promote and educate
that the penny
continues to be a very
important denomination
and that there are ways
to responsibly Collect,
Build, and Donate this
commonly hoarded coin.
collection drive !  
collection drive !  

Stay tuned for tips
on how  to organize
and  promote your
own penny
collection drive.