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Links for Colorectal Cancer Patients and Survivors

These people and the organizations they founded deserve your support.  They offer inspiration, positive energy and human kindness for all those who
have or are going through their own personal battle with cancer.  

One of the neat programs that deserves attention is the Colon Clubs wipes out Colorectal Cancer

Colon Club rolls out new colorectal awareness project with toilet paper
Thursday, March 15, 2007 at 12:16 PM

The Colon Club has launched a new Wipe Out Colorectal Cancer campaign with actual
rolls of toilet paper printed with information about colon and rectal cancer.The rolls are
available in both travel and full sizes from the Colon Club web site. The travel rolls have
the message on the label, but full-size rolls have information printed on every sheet.

Hannah Vogler, Co-Founder of the Colon Club says,
Everyone has to use toilet paper sometime! The Wipe Out Colorectal Cancer toilet paper is just another way for us to educate people about colorectal
cancer. The regular size rolls can be used on any standard toilet paper rod, and the travel rolls are so portable that you can carry them around and give
them away.

Wipe Out Colorectal Cancer is dedicated to thirty-one-year old Paula Ries from Mount Vernon, Indiana.  Paula was diagnosed with stage III colon
cancer last year, which has now spread to her pancreas.  
The Colon Club raises awareness of colorectal cancer in innovative and entertaining ways including the Colossal Colon and the Colondar, which
features young models who have had colon or rectal cancer baring their scars for the camera.

Colorectal Cancer Coalition

C3™ pushes for research to improve screening, diagnosis, and treatment of colorectal cancer; for policy decisions that make the most effective
colorectal cancer prevention and treatment available to all; and for increased awareness that colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable, and beatable.