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The Penny Pyramid Project
will be holding its first
annual Penny Pyramid
Collection Drive during the
month of September thru
October, and we
want you and your school  
to be a part of it. The Project,
as part of its child
mission will be
holding Penny Pyramid
Collection drives at a school near you!  
here for more information on how your school
can become a part of the 1 Billion Penny

The project also needs help in building the
Penny Pyramid replicas that will be toured from
school to school.  You can also make a
donation in support of this very important
1,000,000,000 Penny  
Challenge !
What does 1 million,
10 million ,
1 Billion pennies look like!
We are about to find out!
In the meantime the MegaPenny Project offers
a glimpse at the challenge we are about to
friends and neighbors and then build!, build!
amount you can gather.  
amount you can gather.  

"Collect, Build, Donate" Hall of Fame

Want to make it into our Hall of Fame? , You'll
first need to build a pyramid of more than
5,000 pennies!  Use our classic pyramid
equation found on this page in order to see
how wide you have to go.
(Oh yeah, take a
picture and make sure you are in it!,
then e-mail
it to us.)

Help us Keep the Current Record Growing:

We will add your pennies to the existing
penny pyramid structure if you drop off
your pennies at one of our current drop
off sites!        

or, you can be recognized for each  
pyramid built no mater what the size if  
the equivalent amount is donated
online.   (Again! ,take a picture and make sure
you are
in it! )

With either choice, we will keep an online
record of everyone who has participated
and if you dropped off pennies we will  
even note what floor and row they were
used in!

So, send us your photos, stories, and pennies,
we're in the process of developing a page just
for you and your friends to show off your work!

Are you a Penny hoarder?

type containers!   In this site you will find economic reasons, constructive fun,
and charitable options in ridding this uncontrollable urge.   The  "Penny Pyramid
Colorectal Cancer and the Penny Pyramid Project.

Colorectal Cancer is the #2 cancer killer of men and women in the U.S. There are
approximately 145,000 new cases of colon cancer and 56,000 deaths in the US
alone  each year.  Just one simple screening can help prevent a lifetime of pain
and suffering.

It is one of the projects goal to build momentum and awareness on new
technologies such as
capsule endoscopy (PillcamTM), and all other types of
screening and testing that can catch this disease at a very treatable stage.  Our
vision of "Collect, Build, Donate" through  penny collection drives will help pave
the way in getting this word out.  This is just one way we will be  putting our
smallest  denomination to work!  

Along with the Penny Pyramid World record  attempt,  there will  be other fun and
interactive events that you can share in,... stay tuned!

Marcelo Bezos, Founder
Penny Pyramid Project
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For more information on Colorectal
Cancer (click here)

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                  Through The Power of One"       
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Help Us Keep the Pyramid Growing!
First Annual Penny Pyramid  
Collection Drive !
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Have you ever seen one of these?  Now is your chance to
own an actual penny used in the building of the World Record
Penny Pyramid.  Each encased coin comes with its own C.O.A.
and actual location pulled from the surface of the pyramid.  Each
C.O.A is also signed by
Marcelo Bezos, current World Record
Holder - Worlds Largest Penny Pyramid (525,525).  For more on
how to get one of these limited coins
(click here) Hurry , low
series numbers are going fast!
World Record Attempt Completed; April 17 th  2006
289,318 pennies,

World Record Attempt  -  Main Pyramid plus Column - Specifications
Height      = 27.75 inches (Main Pyramid) +13.85 inches (Column) = 41.6
Width       = 30 inches
Length     = 30 inches
b   = 40 pennies across
SH = ? pennies

Column Configuration- Hexagonal base 7 pennies
Height = 13.85 inches        
SH = 6 pennies
Number of Floors = 40
Total Penny Count = 1680

Classic Pyramid Equation
Pennies in Pyramid =((1/3)*b³ + (1/2)*b² + (1/6)*b)*(SH)
Bezos Penny Pyramid Equation, 2009

where,  b    =  number of pennies laid across on one side of  a
based pyramid
SH =  Stack Height , (number of pennies in each stack)